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The United States election will determine the type of leadership that America will assert in an increasingly divided world, pitting Donald Trump’s “America first” approach against Joe Biden’s pledge to “reclaim our credibility”. It will also determine Washington’s handling of climate change, trade, China, a COVID-19 vaccine and its relations with allies – and, as with any US election, it will reshape Australia’s future.

Below are five big election questions for Australia and five standout essays from recent issues of AFA that propose answers.

Whoever wins on 3 November, AFA will continue to stay ahead of Australia’s future challenges.

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Jonathan Pearlman


Q: Can a post-Trump United States restore its standing in Asia?

A: Yes, and here’s how


Kelly Magsamen, “Beyond Trump”


Q: How radical is Trump’s foreign policy?

A: Not as radical as it seems


David Kilcullen, “Letter from Washington”


Q: Can the United States retain power in Asia without going to war with China?

A: Yes, and there’s a role for Canberra too


Brendan Taylor, “Message to Washington”


Q: Could the United States return to an era of calm, considered policymaking?

A: It can, and it will


Helen Clark’s review of Samantha Power’s book in AFA8


Q: What has Trump’s overall effect been in Asia?

A: Chaos


Michael Wesley, “The Pivot to Chaos”


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