Response to Rory Medcalf’s “Balancing Act” Image Credit: Getty Images

Response to Rory Medcalf’s “Balancing Act”



Rory Medcalf has long championed an enhanced security role for India in the geographical space, encapsulated by the concept of the Indo-Pacific. He is also an ardent advocate of a closer partnership between Australia and India. His understanding of the security dynamics of this region is second to none.

Medcalf’s article on the Quad captures the origins, purpose and limitations of this security grouping very well. He sees strong merit in the alignment of security interests of the four countries that make up the Quad: Australia, Japan, India and the United States. He also does not hide the fact that the Quad has become a subset of the China policy of all four of these countries. I agree with his contention that the Quad is not the only solution to Australia’s challenge of charting a strategic course through the troubled waters of the Indo-Pacific; that would indeed require a multi-layered approach, including building up Australia’s own defence capabilities.

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