Recommended reading for anyone interested in the machinations of Asia-Pacific politics. 

Key reading for anyone wanting to understand the issues facing Canberra as Australia’s closest ally recasts its alliances as contributors look at the challenges and risks for Australia as it rushes to find a new plan for surviving in a post-America Asia.

Rama Gaind
Jonathan Pearlman


Jonathan Pearlman is the editor of Australian Foreign Affairs and the world editor of The Saturday Paper. He previously worked at The Sydney Morning Herald, covering foreign affairs and politics from Canberra and Sydney. He has worked as a correspondent in the Middle East, and has covered various international stories, including the 2008 US election and the violence in eastern Congo. He is a correspondent for The Straits Times newspaper (Singapore) and was Australia–Pacific correspondent for The Telegraph (UK). His work has appeared in numerous publications, including The Diplomat, Good Weekend magazine and Australian Book Review, and he has been a Walkley Award finalist and a United Nations Media Award winner.  He was born in Sydney and studied at the University of New South Wales and Oxford University.

Australia is increasingly affected by events beyond its borders, especially as global power and wealth shifts towards Asia. The challenges facing Australia and the region are varied and complex, but they are also fascinating. There is a strong need and appetite for a publication that explores these challenges and debates the ways Australia should respond.

— Jonathan Pearlman, Editor, Australian Foreign Affairs

Editor Jonathan Pearlman discusses Issue #2 Trump in Asia.