AFA4: “Defending Australia” Canberra launch

Dean of ANU College of Asia and the Pacific, Michael Wesley, acted as participating chair for a panel discussion of Australian Foreign Affairs 4: Defending Australia. Panellists included AFA4 contributors Patrick Walters, Stephan Frühling and Tess Newton Cain, along with the director of National Security Policy at ANU, Jacinta Carroll.

Held on Tuesday, 13 November at The Australian National University. 

Watch interviews from the event 

  • Tess Newton Cain discusses the importance of developing meaningful relationships in the Pacific
  • Stephan Frühling discusses his feature essay, “A Nuclear-armed Australia”, published in AFA4
  • Patrick Walters discusses his feature essay, “Spies, China and Megabytes”, published in AFA4
  • Michael Wesley discusses his feature essay, “Dangerous Proximity”, published in AFA4

Watch the full panel discussion from the event – AFA4: 'Defending Australia' Canberra Launch