AFA8 launch at The University of Melbourne

Launch of AFA8: Can We Trust America?: A Superpower in Transition at The University of Melbourne. 

The launch of AFA8: Can We Trust America? took place on Wednesday, 11 March at The University of Melbourne. 


Professor Michael Wesley, Deputy Vice-Chancellor International at the University of Melbourne
Professor Brendan Taylor, Strategic Studies, Strategic and Defence Studies Centre, Coral Bell School of Asia Pacific Affairs at the Australian National University
Dr Gorana Grgic, Lecturer in US Politics and Foreign Policy, United States Studies Centre (jointly appointed with the Department of Government and International Relations, University of Sydney)
Associate Professor Timothy Lynch, American Politics and the Associate Dean (International) in Faculty of Arts at the University of Melbourne

Moderated by
Ali Moore, TV journalist and radio broadcaster

Can We Trust America? looks at the uncertainties for Australia as questions arise about the commitment of its closest ally. As the US dominance in the Asia- Pacific is challenged by China and the “America First” shift away from global engagement, the eighth issue of Australian Foreign Affairs offers four fascinating timely perspectives on this key relationship.

Presented by Australian Foreign Affairs in partnership with The University of Melbourne.