Announcing Australian Foreign Affairs

The publishers of Black Inc. and Quarterly Essay will launch a new periodical, Australian Foreign Affairs on 18 October 2017.

‘We need to determine a foreign policy of our own – one that looks after Australia’s interest in the new order; an order which will have China as its centre of gravity.’ —Paul Keating 

The world is changing, and so is Australia’s place in it. A large number of general readers are fascinated by the dynamics of a rising China and a disengaging United States, in a world that is arguably less stable than at any time since World War II. Australian Foreign Affairs will make foreign affairs available and accessible to a large audience, in the way that Quarterly Essays make serious politics popular.

Under the editorship of Jonathan Pearlman, Australian Foreign Affairs will encourage debate and will be open to divergent views. Its style and presentation will be clear, succinct and free of jargon. Its readers will need no other qualification than an interest in significant foreign developments affecting Australia and the region and a curiosity about the possible outcomes and responses.

In the inaugural issue – The Big Picture: Towards an Independent Foreign Policy – Australia’s top thinkers on foreign affairs address the most significant foreign affairs dynamics affecting Australia today, with contributions by Paul Keating; Allan Gyngell, who is one of the country’s most experienced foreign affairs experts; Linda Jakobson, one of the world’s leading China watchers; and George Megalogenis, a journalist, political commentator and expert analyst of changes in Australia’s social fabric.

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