Most read in 2018

It’s been a dramatic year in the Pacific region: the United States and North Korea had their first ever leaders summit, tensions rose in the South China Sea, Xi Jinping became China’s ruler for life – not to mention that Australia saw a new prime minister and foreign minister. Let’s look back at what captured the attention of AFA Weekly readers in 2018. 

Editorials with the highest readership this year included “Julie Bishop’s scorecard”, “Talking back to the United States”, “Trump’s endgame diplomacy”, “Putin’s South Pacific adventures” and “Balancing Syria’s terrible options”. 

Read the full articles below to brush up on crucial world events in 2018 and their effect on Australia.

  1. Julie Bishop’s scorecard, 29 August 
    In the wake of the leadership spill and Bishop’s resignation, this piece looked at the outgoing foreign minister’s approach to diplomacy, and her key achievements.

  2. Talking back to the United States, 25 July 
    This editorial urged Australian leaders and diplomats to speak openly and directly with Washington, despite Trump’s unpredictable behaviour, in order to strengthen our interests in the Asia-Pacific.

  3. Trump’s endgame diplomacy, 16 May
    Following Trump’s decision to move the US embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, this piece reflected on a new “Trump” style of diplomacy and what it could mean for negotiations in the Asia-Pacific region.

  4. Putin’s South Pacific adventures, 18 July
    This article detailed Putin’s attempts to position Russia as a military power in the South Pacific through forming new friendships and undermining the post–Cold War dominance of the United States and its allies. 

  5. Balancing Syria’s terrible options, 18 April 
    After the suspected chemical attack on Douma, this piece addressed the retaliatory response from the United States and whether Australia should become involved in the conflict.