The End of Orthodoxy: Australia in a post-pandemic world

“We must always recall the lessons of the 1930s,” Penny Wong writes. “Humanity has seen what happens if we allow nationalism and xenophobia to take hold.”

The global pandemic has thrown the weaknesses of our global economic system into sharp relief. It’s also aggravated the animosity between America and China to an ugly and dangerous degree. In a new essay for Australian Foreign Affairs, Shadow Minister for Foreign Affairs Penny Wong sizes up the magnitude of change Australia faces in the COVID-19 era and its aftermath – pointing to the serious threats posed by a fraying global system and macho nationalism, to our economy, to our security and our national interests. She outlines foreign policy opportunities, too, including cooperation with South-East Asian and Pacific neighbours and reform to multilateral institutions like the World Trade Organization.

This online event discussed Australia’s place in a changing world. Following an introduction from the University of Melbourne’s Professor Michael Wesley, Wong expanded on her ideas for consistency, discipline and creativity in Australia’s foreign policy future, in conversation with Laura Tingle. 

Presented in partnership with Australian Foreign Affairs and the University of Melbourne.

Watch the full event here