Watch the webinar launch – Spy vs Spy: The New Age of Espionage

The Australian Strategic Policy Institute (ASPI) and Australian Foreign Affairs presented a panel discussion on 19 August, on the new issue of Australian Foreign Affairs: Spy vs Spy: The New Age of Espionage.

This issue of Australian Foreign Affairs explores the threat facing Australia as changes in technology enable malign actors to target individuals, officials, businesses and infrastructure – challenges that have only sharpened due to COVID-19. 

Panelists and AFA9 contributors:

  • Anne-Marie Brady uncovers the covert influence and activities of China’s network of spy agencies.
  • Danielle Cave probes how data and technology have shaped espionage in a time of crisis and beyond.
  • Andrew Davies sweeps Australian intelligence history to show how technology has transformed state-on-state espionage.
  • Kim McGrath reveals Australia’s intelligence failures in Timor and asks whether we owe more to our neighbours.
  • Penny Wong argues for a foreign policy shift to confront a fast- changing Asia-Pacific.

Watch the webinar here