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Mar 13 2019
Australian Foreign Affairs and Readings Carlton are thrilled to announce a panel that will expand the way you think about Australia and its place in the world as we launch AFA5. This fifth issue of Australian Foreign Affairs examines Australia’s struggle to define its identity and place in Asia as it balances its historic ties to the West with its geography. Join us to be part of a necessary conversation about Australia’s past, present and future.
Feb 28 2019
Australian Foreign Affairs and La Trobe Asia present a panel discussion on AFA5 Are We Asian Yet? History vs Geography and Next Voices: an initiative to showcase the best new thinkers on Australian foreign affairs.
Feb 21 2019
To celebrate the release of the February 2019 issue of Australian Foreign Affairs 5, Are We Asian Yet?: History vs Geography join contributing author Linda Jaivin as she looks at how we ought to be able to relate better to Chinese culture than we do given there are 1.2 million residents or citizens who identify as ethnic Chinese in Australia and Mandarin is the second-most commonly spoken language after English.