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There has never been a more critical time for Australia to contemplate its place in the world. My intention is that Australian Foreign Affairs will serve as a forum for our most adventurous and deepest strategic thinkers to interrogate foreign policy.

— Morry Schwartz, Publisher, Australian Foreign Affairs


Australian Foreign Affairs is a new journal brought to you by the publishers of Black Inc. and Quarterly Essay. It is published three times a year, in February, July and October.

The world is changing, and so is Australia’s place in it. Many readers are fascinated by the dynamics of a rising China and a disengaging United States, in a world that is arguably less stable than at any time since World War II. AFA makes foreign affairs accessible to a large audience, in the way that Quarterly Essay makes serious politics popular.

Australian Foreign Affairs encourages debate and is open to divergent views. Its style and presentation is clear, succinct and free of jargon. Its readers need no other qualification than an interest in significant foreign developments affecting Australia and the region, and a curiosity about the possible outcomes and responses.

Australian Foreign Affairs features four to five long-form in-depth articles by our best thinkers, as well as reviews and correspondence. Each issue focuses on a particular theme. Articles are topical and wide-ranging, and often challenge conventional wisdom.