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AFA21 - June 2024
Could Indonesia Ever Be an Ally?

AFA20 - February 2024
The AUKUS Delusion

AFA19 - October 2023
Does China really want to attack Australia?

AFA18 - July 2023
An Alliance in Flux

AFA17 - February 2023
Power play in the Pacific

AFA16 - October 2022
Australia and the Changing World Order

AFA15: Our Unstable Neighbourhood
AFA15 - July 2022
The Contest for South-East Asia

Cover of AFA14 The Taiwan Choice
AFA14 - February 2022
Showdown in Asia

AFA13 cover image
AFA13 - October 2021
Asia's Huge Question

AFA12 Feeling the Heat cover image
AFA12 - July 2021
Australia Under Climate Pressure

AFA11 The March of Autocracy
AFA11 - February 2021
Australia’s Fateful Choices

Friends, Allies and Enemies
AFA10 - October 2020
Asia’s Shifting Loyalties

Cover of AFA9 SPY VS SPY
AFA9 - July 2020
The New Age of Espionage

Australian Foreign Affairs 8: Can We Trust America?
AFA8 - February 2020
A Superpower in Transition

Yellow journal cover of AFA7 CHINA DEPENDENCE with dark purple writing and red shipping containers
AFA7 - October 2019
Australia’s new vulnerability

Yellow cover of AFA6 with blue writing and a picture of a plane flying over the sea
AFA6 - July 2019
Rivalry in the Pacific

AFA5 Are We Asian Yet?
AFA5 - February 2019
History vs Geography

Cover image of AFA3
AFA3 - July 2018
Can We Be Friends?

AFA2 Trump in Asia
AFA2 - February 2018
The New World Disorder

AFA1 The Big Picture
AFA1 - October 2017
Towards an Independent Foreign Policy