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Next Voices

What are the greatest foreign-policy challenges Australia faces? How should it respond to a trade war, or to Indonesia’s changing politics, or to southern Pacific rivalries? What role should it play in the Asia-Pacific into the future?

At Australian Foreign Affairs, we seek to encourage voices with unique perspectives on Australia’s place in the Asia-Pacific and its relationships within the region. 

In 2019, we are delighted to announce Next Voices. Until Sunday, 10 March, we are open for submissions on the topic of the next issue, Are We Asian Yet? History vs Geography, to publish on the Australian Foreign Affairs website.

Contributions must be 1500–2000 words and previously unpublished. Authors whose work is selected will receive AU$100 and a one-year print and digital subscription to Australian Foreign Affairs, and will collaborate with Australian Foreign Affairs editors to shape and refine their piece. 

Pieces could be on-the-ground reportage, commentary, analysis or even memoir. The only qualification is an engaging, accessible and thoughtful examination of Australia’s foreign policy and the nation’s position in the world. We encourage writers to avoid foreign-policy jargon and to appeal to a wide readership. See past issues of Australian Foreign Affairs or this extract as a guide.

Writers do not have to be foreign-affairs experts: journalists, academics, foreign-aid workers, policy advisers, students and other interested readers are encouraged to submit. We hope to foster and promote a diverse stable of writers from Australia and the Asia-Pacific, and to encourage discussion on foreign affairs that represents a range of views in the broader Australian community.

Submission details for the next issue are below. Read our guidelines first. 

Through our Next Voices series, we look forward to discovering Australia’s newest and best foreign-policy commentators.

Open for submissions

Are We Asian Yet? History vs Geography
Deadline: Sunday, 10 March, 11.59 p.m.

Australia is struggling to define its place in Asia as it balances historical ties to the West with its geography, including its proximity to emerging superpower China. 

Are We Asian Yet? explores Australia’s changing population, outlook and identity as it looks to the future and adjusts to the Asian Century.

Some topics that interest us include: 

  • how Australia’s changing demographics are reshaping its relationship with Asia
  • the role of culture in the China–US rivalry, and how this may affect Australia
  • how Asian countries view Australia and its role in the Asia-Pacific region
  • how migration flows and trade between Australia and its Asian neighbours are affecting Australia’s identity, reputation and foreign policy
  • the role of Australian leadership in the Asia-Pacific region.

Writers are also encouraged to develop their own topic in relation to the theme. Submit below.