Five big COVID-19 questions

And five answers from AFA


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The COVID-19 outbreak is set to reshape the international order and overturn long-held assumptions about politics, trade and foreign relations. Australia will need to be smart, proactive and agile. Below are five big questions for Australia, and five standout essays from recent issues of AFA that have proposed answers.

Throughout COVID-19 and beyond, AFA will continue to stay ahead of Australia’s future challenges.

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Jonathan Pearlman


Q:Are we too dependent on China?

A: “Trade deficits: How China could punish Australia”

Richard McGregor


Q: What can Australia do to help struggling Pacific states?

A:“Cross purposes: Why is Australia’s Pacific influence waning?”

Jenny Hayward–Jones


Q: Can Indonesian democracy handle a COVID-19 crisis?

A: “Retreat from democracy: The rise of Islam and the challenge for Indonesia”

Tim Lindsey


Q: Can our universities survive without Chinese students?

A: “High price: Inside the Chinese student boom”

Margaret Simons


Q: Is Australia’s military ready to be self-reliant?

A: “Can Australia fight alone? The cost of the military’s US dependency”

Andrew Davies


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